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Friday, January 14, 2022  |  By Carla Wilcox 

Humans evolved seeing very little blue light at night, but these days, we use devices that emit blue light, like phones and TVs, at all hours, sometimes causing sleep problems, fatigue and headaches. Blue light blocking glasses are said to relieve these symptoms but how well do they actually work?

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is everywhere these days. It’s emitted from devices like mobile phones, television and tablets, but it’s also found in a lot of ‘energy saving’ indoor lighting, such as LED and fluorescent lighting. 

Have you ever tried to get good sleep, only to wake up the next morning feeling exhausted and unable to focus?

The cause might be digital blue light.

In fact, the blue spectrum light emitted by a computer, television, smartphone or tablet screen can actually interfere with your body’s natural circadian rhythms, which are meant to regulate our internal clock.

Our circadian rhythm is the reason we feel tired at night, not because it’s getting dark outside.

Why are blue lights so bad for us?

For years, most of us didn’t know that blue light could disrupt the body’s natural sleep cycle. 

Our brains and bodies are hardwired to respond to light signals in the color spectrum, and the colors that produce the most powerful responses—like red, yellow, and green—all fall in the visible range of the spectrum, which is around the wavelength of about 400 to 700 nanometers.

It's very important that we learn about blue light because many people think that blue light is good for them. This is not true. Blue light can disrupt our sleep cycle. When we use blue light before bedtime, it can mess up our body's circadian rhythm, or sleep cycle.

The effects of blue light on our health are just starting to be recognized by scientists. Blue light may also affect our eyesight and our heart health. A study conducted at the University of California San Francisco, Stanford University, and the University of Rochester, NY found that blue light emitted by devices can lead to sleep problems, eye strain, and even a higher risk of obesity. 

If you have blue light in your home, it is important to turn off your computer, TV, and cell phone at least 30 minutes before you go to bed and/or use blue light blocking technology.

The Effects of Digital Blue Light on the Body

Many people are aware of the effects of blue light in the evening.

In fact, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) recently declared that exposure to blue light could be harmful. But the effects of blue light can also have a negative impact on our health.

The effects of digital blue light on the body aren’t as well-known, but the jury is still out on how to keep it to a minimum. There is, however, a lot of research that’s being done to help us understand the risks of blue light.

For instance, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently published a report on the risks of blue light on health and the impact of digital technology. According to the report, blue light affects the human circadian rhythm and has been associated with sleep disruption and obesity.

Some experts are saying that we should limit our exposure to blue light. In fact, some people say that we shouldn't use blue light after 10 p.m. because that's when the blue light from our phones can affect us the most. It can disrupt our sleep and make us feel more tired. 

What are Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light glasses are glasses that use lenses specifically designed to block out the most prevalent frequencies of blue and green light.

What’s great about blue light blocking glasses is that they can block out the important frequencies of blue light while still allowing you to continue about your normal activities.

Blue light blocking glasses have been around for quite a few years, but they have a bit of a reputation for not being exactly stylish. Many of them look like safety goggles!

Fortunately, a number of popular brands have now started offering stylish blue blockers that feature sunglasses-like frames that you can feel comfortable wearing out and about.

Why To Wear Blue Light Glasses

Computer Vision Syndrome is a condition that recent estimates suggest over 60% of American adults suffer from. It has many symptoms that range from annoying to very serious, including headaches, dry eyes, trouble sleeping, and in the worst cases, macular degeneration.

The average adult in 2021 spends 8.5 hours in front of a screen every single day. What’s more, the average household has more TVs than people and has them on for an average of 8 hours per day. 

Computer Vision Syndrome has many symptoms that range from annoying to very serious, including headaches, dry eyes, trouble sleeping, and in the worst cases, macular degeneration.

As the name suggests, Computer Vision Syndrome is caused by looking at digital screens for long periods without wearing proper protection for your eyes. Considering the average adult in 2021 spends 8.5 hours in front of a screen every single day, almost all of us are at risk. 

During this screen time, your eyes are being bathed in high energy blue light that our eyes are not equipped to handle. 

This energy can cause dry eyes, blurry vision, headaches and trouble sleeping if left unchecked. Since many people are unaware of Computer Vision Syndrome, it is often left undiagnosed. 

This is why it is very important that everyone protects their eyes when they are on digital screens. Anyone who spends two or more hours in front of a screen per day is at risk for Computer Vision Syndrome. Below we’ll go over some of the telltale signs you’re being affected and should use blue light blocking glasses

1. Your eyes feel dry, tired, or itchy.

Have you ever watched a movie or TV in the evening, only to find yourself rubbing your eyes, blinking hard and often, and having that dry, tired eye feeling? This is one of the most common and frustrating symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome, and it can happen any time you’re in front of a screen for an extended period of time. 

2. Headaches

Hours spent straining your eyes at the computer or in front of the TV can cause headaches. We’ve all been there, a long day spent in front of screens ends up with your head aching. If you experience this, you may be experiencing Computer Vision Syndrome. 

3. Blurry Vision

The strain screen time puts on your eyes can result in blurry vision and difficulty focusing your eyes. If you experience this symptom, it may be from extended time in front of a screen.

4. Trouble Sleeping

The blue light emitted from digital screens actually has a secondary effect besides straining your eyes. Blue light entering your eyes can also suppress the sleep hormone melatonin. Ever been up late watching TV and felt like you should be ready for sleep but you’re not even tired? You can thank blue light for that.

Who Should Be Wearing blue Light Glasses

Anyone who spends a significant part of their day looking at digital screens may want to consider blue light glasses, especially if they're experiencing sleep problems or other symptoms of digital eye strain. 

Those who already wear glasses should also consider blue light blocking glasses in the form of clip-on lenses, designed to 'clip on' to the frames of your existing glasses, converting them into blue blockers!

They are also a safe preventive measure against computer vision syndrome and digital eye strain for kids, teens and adults of all ages who use their digital devices frequently.


Watching TV, surfing the internet, or using social media close to bed time exposes you to a large amount of blue light, which greatly disrupts your natural sleep cycles by suppressing the sleep hormone called Melatonin.

The American Optometric Association states that, "[device] use before bedtime can delay sleep onset, degrade sleep quality and impair alertness the following day."

This degradation of sleep quality can quickly and easily become chronic and accepted as the norm. 

Our #1 Pick for Blue Light Blocking Lenses

We considered the following factors as part of our extensive research  to determine the very best blue light blocking glasses in the market:

1. Quality of frames,

2. Effectiveness of Lenses at filtering blue light,

3. Ease of Shipping,

4. Return policy.

5. Guarantees.

After extensive research, we have concluded that the best blue light blocking lenses for most people are from a brand called CoolBlue Optics. Their flagship product: CoolBlue Clip-Ons are a revolutionary new product that clips on to any pair of glasses and blocks harmful blue light from ever entering your eyes, thereby preventing Computer Vision Syndrome while still allowing you to enjoy screen time. A good fit for anyone who already wears glasses.

They have been lab tested for transmittance of blue light at nanometer intervals from 780nm-290nm.

They block virtually 100% of the harmful part of the spectrum from 290nm to 415nm (UVA and UVB).

From there it gradually tapers off to 70% at 420nm, 50% at 425nm, 35% at 430nm and so on.

How much "Blue Light" do they block? Roughly 50% if you take into account the transmittance at each nanometer interval.

This is the industry standard for clear blue light-blocking lenses. But most importantly, they block virtually 100% of macular degeneration-related light.


The CoolBlue Optics company was founded by 2 Oregon brothers who were tired of suffering from headaches and discovered that blue light was the problem. They set out to find a way to get blue light blocking technology into the hands of more people at an affordable price.

The result is their range of lenses  with powerful blue light blocking technology that are fashionable with styles for those who already wear glasses as well as non-prescription wearers. They make it possible to quickly and affordably relieve Computer Vision Syndrome.

Let's talk a bit more about theirCoolBlue clip-ons!

How Do They Work?

Their lenses feature a UV 400 coating that blocks 99% of harmful blue light (anything above 400 nanometers in wavelength) and lets other non-harmful wavelengths pass through the lenses. This allows you to still have a natural viewing experience through virtually clear lenses. 

It's safe to say we were very excited to get our hands on a pair ofCoolBlues.

Here's a blue light blocking test showing the lenses in action:

What makes CoolBlue Clip-ons so Special?

Weighing in at only 11 grams,CoolBlue Clip-Ons are engineered to provide the perfect balance of comfort and durability. They are the lightest clip-ons on the market that utilize shatter-resistant UV 400 lens technology.

Easy To Use - Clips on to your glasses in seconds with only a light squeeze of the clip.

Works With Any Glasses - They can easily clip on to any glasses you own (readers or prescriptions).

30-Day Money-back Guarantee - Once you receive your CoolBlue clip-ons, you'll have a full 30 days to try them out. If you don't absolutely love them, they'll give your hard-earned money back in full!

Fast Shipping - They ship anywhere in the world for free!

Made To Last - Lenses are made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate

Portable - Each pair comes with a protective pouch so you can take them anywhere with you.

UV 400 Lens Tech - Blocks 99% of harmful blue light while preserving a natural viewing experience with virtually clear lenses.

Common Questions From Our Readers

Q: How do I know if they will work for me?

We were skeptical at first, but the proof is in the pudding. CoolBlue encourages people to hear what their real customers are saying after using their glasses.

Q: What if I dont't wear glasses?

No problem! CoolBlue Optics also produces glasses for non-prescription wearers. You can find their kids glasseshere and their adults frames here.

Q: Will These Work With My Glasses?

Yes! Their Clip-Ons are designed to easily clip onto any pair of prescription or reader glasses in just a few seconds.

Q: What if I want to return them?

CoolBlue gives you a full month to try the products out and get your money back in full if you're in any way dissatisfied with their products. How cool is that?

Q: What if I break them or lose them?

They put their money where their mouth is. Each pair of glasses comes with a warranty for LIFE that covers broken AND lost pairs.

Q: Where do they ship from, and how long does it take to arrive?

All their orders ship from the CoolBlue warehouse in Phoenix, AZ. They ship orders out next business day after the order is placed. Average shipping times range from 3-5 days for the US and 10-14 days for Australia, Canada, and the UK.

How much do they cost?

If you've ever shopped around for premium blue light blocking glasses, you have probably found many are charging well over $100. The CoolBlue Optics company understands the need for their eyewear products to be as affordable as possible so everyone can benefit.

Normally, a pair costs $39.99 USD, but right now they're running a New Years 50% OFF Sale (that's ending soon), so you can get three pairs for 50% off at less than $19.99 Each! Just make sure you choose a bundle option before you start checking out, it's that easy!

How Can they Be So Affordable?

CoolBlue Optics is a family-owned, direct-to-consumer brand, and they don't have to charge the high price markups that a bigger retailer does. They cut out the middleman and keep their prices low with proprietary manufacturing and low overhead costs, so they can provide amazing value to their customers. 

Big box retailers charge crazy prices to cover high advertising costs and make profit, while CoolBlue spends next nothing and relies almost completely on word of mouth from happy customers.

Low cost does not mean low quality though.CoolBlue clip-onsare premium eyewear and they take pride in creating the best lenses for the best value.

OUR VERDICT: Are They Worth It?

Our Answer: Yes they are. 

We'll take a wild guess that you're probably like 99% of the people in the world, and you spend 2, probably more, hours in front of screens every single day. That's a whole lotta blue light! That makes you a great candidate for blue light glasses. You brush your teeth everyday to preserve your dental health. Why would would you not give the same care and attention to your eyes? You could experience the same same relief from headaches as CoolBlue's happy customers if you decide to invest in a pair.

Where can you buy CoolBlue Clip-ons?

It couldn't be easier! The only place you can currently get them is directly from their website by clicking here. They've got hundreds of rave reviews from people across the world.

January 1st, 2022 | IMPORTANT UPDATE

CoolBlue is offering a huge discount for US, Canada, Australia, and UK residents. Right now you can buy three pairs of any of their ghttps://gem-3910432.netlasses for 50% off or six pairs for 60% off for their New Years Sale. (Plus Get Over $100 of FREE Bonuses). Due to extreme demand, they say they're often out of stock, so hurry if you'd like to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime discount!

Step 1: Order CoolBlue Clip-Ons from the official site.

Step 2: Choose your bundle and checkout.

Step 3: Clip them on to your current glasses and instantly enjoy no more eye strain, headaches, migraines, and other effects of digital blue light!

What if you dont wear Glasses?

No problem!

CoolBlue Optics also produces glasses for non-prescription wearers and you can buy them following these steps:

Step 1: [For kids] Order CoolBlue Kids from their official site for kids glasses.

[For adults] Order CoolBlue Parents glasses from their official site for adult glasses.

Step 2: Choose your bundle and checkout.

Step 3: Instantly enjoy no more eye strain, headaches, migraines, and other effects of digital blue light!


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