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Thursday, September 2nd, 2021  |  By Elisa Carlson


 Note: This story will change the way you look at screens forever. We're going to tell you  about the unknown dark side of modern technology, how it could be affecting your family,  and what you can do about it. 

Children these days are surrounded by technology, and most parents realize that technology can provide amazing opportunities for learning and connection to their children, but what most parents don't realize is... 

All that technology may have a dark side.

Lisa Darling, like most other single moms of two, spent the majority of her day either at the clinic where she worked, driving to and from the clinic, or driving her kids to and from school. Her two sons, Noah and Lucas, were in grades 2 and 4. Between school and gaming, they were spending 6+ hours per day on computers, phones, and tablets. Lisa thought this was ok —  she HAD to be ok with this because she already felt worked to the bone and the kids either needed devices for school or for entertainment.

That is, until she started to notice some really worrying symptoms.

"They started when Lucas had just turned 9. Terrible headaches multiple times a week, and I could tell he was starting to get really poor sleep. He would wake up in the morning cranky and sleepy, and his teacher even called me to ask if everything was ok at home because he had been not doing well in school either... When it first started I was concerned, but when things kept progressing it became clear that something was really not okay with them, I was getting more and more worried..."

On top of that, she also noticed Noah rubbing his eyes excessively and complaining that his eyes were "tired" even in the middle of the day when he should have been at peak energy. He would come into her room at least once a week saying that he can't sleep, and sometimes he would even have such low energy that he didn't seem interested in playdates with friends. That was extremely worrying to Lisa...

Lisa could tell something was very wrong with the way her kids were acting, but she didn't know where to start. What could possibly be causing all of these unrelated symptoms in both of my kids at the same time? She felt hopeless and overwhelmed, and scared. As a single working mom, she didn't have the time, let alone money, to pay for expensive examinations at the doctor.

Lisa ended up trying several different things to try to help her sons. She tried all sorts of remedies for headaches and dry eyes, but quickly realized this was not getting at the root of the problem. She even suspected screen time could be the cause and tried limiting screen time altogether, but that lasted all of about 3 days until she had to make exceptions because it was necessary.

After all this research, if we told you Lisa found one low-cost, simple, and fun solution to solve all of these issues instantly, would you believe us? 

Well, miracles do happen from time to time :) Below we'll tell you what Lisa discovered and how you can use it too.

One day as she was dropping them off at Friday day care, she noticed Lucas' friend Mason with glasses for the first time she could remember. Curious, she went to go talk with Mason's mom to tell her he looked adorable and to ask how he was liking prescription glasses.

"Oh, thank you!" She said. "But these, believe it or not, aren't prescription glasses! They're called blue light blocking glasses. Mason was suffering from Digital Eye Strain, and his doctor told us to get him these.”

“We started to get into a conversation and I learned that Mason had been experiencing the same worrying symptoms as Lucas and Noah. Terrible headaches throughout the week. Trouble sleeping and morning crankiness,” Lisa said.

She told Lisa what her eye doctor had told her: That digital Blue Light is the culprit of eye strain, headaches, trouble sleeping and low energy. Regardless of the device, smartphones, tablets, and computers all give off this highly concentrated blue light.(1,2)

What's worse is that a child's retina absorbs more blue light than adults,(3) and anyone that spends more than 2 hours per day in front of a screen is at greatest risk of getting digital eye strain.(6) 

It didn't take long for Lisa to have the lightbulb moment. Her boys were being affected by Digital Eye Strain in a big way.

Mason's mom pulled out two pairs from her purse and pushed them into Lisa's hands before she could say anything. "Here!" She said. "I always keep a couple extra pairs with me in my purse. Have Lucas and Noah try these on and see how they like them. If there's a big difference, the culprit is definitely eye strain. They also make glasses for adults that you should check out."

Lisa thanked her and ran to give her boys their glasses before heading off to work for the day.

What happened in the next week completely blew her away.

"I went to pick up my sons after work that day, tired but anxious to see my kids. Lucas and Noah seemed to be in a good mood, and the daycare worker said they were feeling good all day and Lucas had no headaches. That's interesting I thought. He could just be having a good day. He has those sometimes."

But it didn't stop there. She asked Lucas to hand the glasses over to her as they got back in the car, but Lucas didn't want to. He absolutely loved wearing them and didn't want to take them off.

They both kept them on for much of the evening, especially when they were watching a movie before bed. The next day, she couldn't believe her eyes.

“Lucas looked bright-eyed and fresh-faced like I had never seen him before! Noah's mood was very positive and said he slept good. OK, I thought, This is starting to seem like a pretty odd coincidence after getting those glasses…”

The next week proved without a shadow of a doubt that Lucas and Noah had been suffering from eye strain, and these glasses were the cure. Not ONE headache. Not ONE complaint in the morning. Not ONE groggy afternoon. Both of them were teeming with energy in the morning and Noah even started exclaiming how well he slept (without her even asking)! Lucas's teacher praised him at school for being so focused and energetic in the classroom and the daycare worker noticed the lasting change too, asking Lisa what caused it. 

Lisa was overcome with relief at finally learning what was causing all the terrible symptoms she was seeing in her boys, and better yet, how to solve it! Not only did she feel happy that Lucas and Noah were feeling better again, but she also felt a peace of mind that her sons could use their devices now without worry, and she wouldn't feel so guilty when she needed her well-deserved me time.  

The following Friday, Lisa rushed up to Mason's mom to tell her.

"These glasses worked miracles! For the first time in months they're not complaining of headaches and they're getting great sleep! THANK YOU so much!"

She gave her pairs back and asked exactly where to buy them. A couple minutes later, she shared a link with her over text to the website, where Lisa immediately went and bought three pairs (one for Lucas, one for Noah, and one pair for herself, since she was on the computer all day too.)

Lisa's Five Star Review:

"From the bottom of my heart thank you! My sons and I both LOVE your glasses. They love the novelty of wearing them and won't even take them off! You've changed our lives! I also admit, I got a pair of the adults glasses and I've found my hours of work at my desk job have gotten more enjoyable too. I've been telling all my friends about these and will continue to do so."

The Dark Side of Blue Light

Unfortunately, Lisa is not alone. Dr. Marc DiSabella, a neurologist at Children’s National Hospital, has seen an alarming spike in headaches amongst children as screen time has gone up dramatically in the last year. In a 2020 survey of CNH patients they found that "42% have a constant headache that never goes away, compared to 18% [last year]."(1)

Additionally, Dr. Kim Le, Pediatric Ophthalmologist at Henry Ford Health System, said in an interview with WXYZ Detroit that increased screen time is taking a toll on the kids. “They’re complaining that they’re blinking a lot...their eyes are tired,” Le said. “Headaches as well.”(2)

So what exactly could be causing these worrying health symptoms in Lucas, Noah and countless other children? What do phones, tablets, TVs, and computers all have in common? They all have highly efficient screens that output concentrated amounts of digital blue light. While the technology that surrounds our kids in today's increasingly digital world does have positives, it also has a dark side.

Eye Strain

Blurry Vision


Poor Sleep

Excessive screen time leads to Computer Vision Syndrome.

Lucas and Noah were experiencing what we now know as Digital Eye Strain, aka Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Trends in the modern classroom and at-home entertainment mean our children are exposed to this blue light on a daily basis and in large amounts. Kids ages 8 and up get an average of 4-6 hours of screen time per day.(6)

The American Optometric Association states that "those persons who spend two or more continuous hours at a computer or using a digital screen device every day" are at greatest risk for developing CVS.(8)  So like, basically everybody alive today?? 

What's even worse is that, believe it or not, a child's retina absorbs more blue light than adults.(5) That means that their sensitive little eyes are even more prone to eye strain than adults, and sadly they might not be able to make the connection themselves that blue light is causing it.

Blue light exposure also degrades sleep quality and health.

Lisa's sons were also suffering from the effects of blue light in a different way. Playing games until 8pm and watching TV before bed was exposing them to a large amount of blue light in the evening, which was greatly disrupting their natural sleep cycles by suppressing the sleep hormone called Melatonin.

The American Optometric Association states that, "[device] use before bedtime can delay sleep onset, degrade sleep quality and impair alertness the following day."(3)

Charles Czeisler, PhD, MD, and director of sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School took it a step further in a WebMD article when he was quoted saying, "The more research we do, the more evidence we have that excess artificial light at night can have a profound, deleterious effect on many aspects of human health. It is a growing public health concern."(7)

How can I protect my kid's (and my own) eyes from blue light?

Short of taking screens away completely, there are products that block blue light and provide safer screen time. The bad part about these products is that you'll need to buy different filters for different devices, and your wallet will empty out before you're able to get them all. That's where CoolBlue Optics comes in. They offer the most advanced and affordable Blue-Blocking technology for little ones and adults alike.

With only one low-cost purchase, CoolBlue Kids could instantly reduce the harmful effect that blue light could be having on you and your child. Rather than fight against the inevitable changes in our modern society, they empower families across the world to adapt in a simple, cost-effective, and fun way.

Their glasses have amazing features like:

- UV400 coating that blocks 99% of harmful blue light

- Comfortable, easy-focus fit

- Ultra-durable and bendy frames

- Shatter-proof lenses

How CoolBlue Optics glasses work:

As light from your device's screen hits the lens of their glasses, it lets the harmless red, yellow, green, and violet components of the light pass right through. Meanwhile, the harmful, high-energy blue light is reflected back, keeping it from entering the eyes of the wearer. This eliminates the nasty side effects of screen time once and for all.

CoolBlue Optics glasses block harmful blue light with their advanced filter technology

The Magic of CoolBlue Optics

Below we've included a summary of our research on CoolBlue Optics to save you time. The more research we did, the more impressed we are to be honest. So much so, that we're ordering some of these for our kids too (and ourselves! they have parent's glasses :D ).

Before we give you the lowdown, we thought we'd share some of what we heard from parents who took the time to write reviews on the CoolBlue Optics website after buying them. Check em' out:

CoolBlue Optics Design and Function

The lenses in the CoolBlue Kids glasses are amazing. Not only does the "UV400" coating block 99% of harmful blue light, meanwhile it allows harmless light to pass through, giving a virtually clear viewing experience with only a subtle tint. Check out this video we pulled from their website that shows the blue blocking in action:

Not only do they do a great job of blocking blue light, they're design specifically for kids. "Certified Kid-Proof" as CoolBlue Kids says. Look how freakin' bendy they are!!

They Seem Like a Great Company That Really Cares

Another thing we noticed was how many reviews talked about how great the CoolBlue Optics team was and how helpful they were in solving any issues that came up. Here's a few quotes we pulled:

"I'm impressed with this product. I also give credit to the customer service team. They are absolutely wonderful and take swift action." - Nayoma I.

"great customer service and my kids love them to boot." - Carly B.

"Great glasses for my kids. Also excellent customer service from the team. Would recommend." - Annie L

"My son Likes it. Customer service is amazing and best company by far in dealing customers." - Mechel B.

Why CoolBlue Kids are #1 with Parents

They're clearly a company that stands by their products, and have some amazing policies to back it up. If their products were not fantastic, these policies would surely be costing them a ton of money.

Money-Back Guarantee: They give you a full month to try the glasses out and get your money back in full if you're in any way dissatisfied with their glasses.

Lifetime Warranty: Each pair of glasses comes with a warranty for LIFE that covers broken AND lost pairs. 

Guaranteed Fit Policy: They do a pretty good job of sizing their glasses, but sometime customers need to size up or down. All you have to do is send them a quick email and they'll send you another pair in the right size COMPLETELY FREE! How cool is that??

Kids, Check. How About The Parents?

Earlier we mentioned they have adult glasses too. Because lets be honest - we probably spend even more time in front of screen than our kids, and how many of us have headaches and trouble sleeping too... These really work! They're called CoolBlue Parents, and they've got the same great lens tech as the kids.

Do they have Clip-On Lenses?

CoolBlue Optics has designed a clip-on solution for adults! They can easily clip on to any pair of glasses and provide the same great blue blocking experience. Check them out here.

Sounds amazing... But how much do they cost?

If you've ever had to buy glasses at the eye doctor you probably know they can cost hundreds of dollars, and that WITH insurance.

The CoolBlue Optics company, a family-owned business based in Portland, OR, understands the need for their eyewear to be as affordable as possible for as many families as possible so everyone can benefit.

Normally, a pair costs between $35 and $45 dollars, but right now they're running a Back 2 School Buy One Get One FREE sale (that's ending soon), so you can get each pair for ~$20! (Code: BOGO)

How can they cost so little?

Because CoolBlue Optics is a family-owned, direct-to-consumer brand, they don't have to charge the high price markups that a bigger retailer does.

They cut out the middleman and keep their prices low with proprietary manufacturing and low overhead costs, so they can provide amazing value to their customers. They care deeply about the impact they have on these families' lives (unlike big box retailers, who charge crazy prices to cover costs and make profit).

Low cost does not mean low quality though. CoolBlue Optics is a premium eyewear brand that takes pride in creating the best glasses for the best value.

How do I know if CoolBlue Optics are right for me?

We're going to take a wild guess and say that you and your kids are probably like 99% of the people in the world, and you spend 2, probably more, hours in front of screens every single day. That's a whole lotta blue light! And that makes you a great candidate for blue light glasses, even if you're symptoms are not too bad. ESPECIALLY if your symptoms are bad. You brush your teeth everyday to preserve your dental health. Why would would you not give the same care and attention to your eyes? Imagine feeling like you can tackle the workday or enjoy television without dealing with dry, tired eyes. Imagine watching your kids connect with their friends online or watch their favorite shows without having to worry about the impact on their health! If you or your kids are suffering from symptoms of digital eye strain and you want to experience the same relief that Lisa Darling felt after finding the solution for her kids, then you should definitely check these out.

Where can you buy CoolBlue Optics?

It couldn't be easier! The only place you can currently get them is directly from their website by clicking here. They've got hundreds of rave reviews from parents across the world.


CoolBlue Optics is offering a huge discount for US, Canada, Australia, and UK residents. Right now you can buy one pair and get another FREE during their Back 2 School Sale. Get as many pairs as you like (CODE: BOGO). It's wild! We're taking advantage of this right now and you should too. Due to extreme demand, CoolBlue Optics says they're often out of stock, so hurry if you'd like to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime discount!


Order now before they sell out again.


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