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This Simple Solution is Helping Seniors Sleep Better and Feel 10 Years Younger

Monday, January 25, 2021  |  By Erica Missiam

The CDC states that over 1 in 3 adults are sleep deprived. Read on to learn why this is happening, and what you can immediately do to improve your sleep quality and health.

How often do you wake up feeling more tired than you did when you went to sleep? 

If you're like many people, the answer is: Way too often. 

Jane Kinkaid was one of those people. A 62-Year-Old retiree and mom of 3, she would wake up every morning feeling tired and exhausted, never able to get enough sleep no matter how hard she tried. 

"I was going to sleep exhausted every night and often even waking up with a headache," Jane told Eye Care Trending.

Her sleep problems became regular enough that she went to see a sleep doctor about this problem, and he prescribed her some sleeping pills. After three weeks, Jane noticed no difference in how she felt upon waking up, and the side effects worried her. Things started to take a turn for the worse when she woke up one morning with not only a headache but also nausea, unable to keep any food down that day. That was the last day she took any sleeping pills.

As time went on Jane's symptoms continued to worsen, despite trying everything from cutting out caffeine to avoiding meals too close to bed time. She was becoming irritable at work and even towards her family. 

"This was the last straw me, so I made an urgent trip to see another sleep doctor on a friend's recommendation who could hopefully figure out what was going on with me."

After a lengthy interview asking her about her lifestyle, the doctor said,

“Jane, I have some good news and some not-so-good news.”

“What’s the not-so-good news?”

“Well, based on your answers I'm very confident that your circadian rhythm, the chemical process that regulates your sleep, is being disrupted by blue light coming from the digital screens you stare at all day, especially at night."

“Ok, so what’s the good news?”

“Well, Jane. There’s an easy way to fix it…”

Insomniacs Go Camping

A study done at UC Boulder in 2013 perfectly illustrates the negative effect that artificial blue light has on our Circadian rhythms. 

A group of participants were monitored for a week of living normal lives exposed to large amounts of blue light, where they reported trouble sleeping and their melatonin levels were suboptimal. That's because there are receptors inside of your eye that keep you awake and wired when exposed to blue light from all of your screens. Exposure to blue light before bed suppresses your body’s natural release of melatonin, an essential hormone that regulates your sleep.

The participants then went camping for a week where their only light source was the sun and fire light, completely eliminating digital blue light from their daily living. What happened next was almost magic: Not only did their melatonin levels rise, they also naturally went to bed over 2 hours earlier and reported sleeping deeper.

Our modern society is experiencing what many experts are calling a "Blue Light Apocalypse". Doctor Alex Dimitriu, M.D. of Sleep and Psychiatry, put it frankly:

"The blue-spectrum light now glowing 24/7 from energy-efficient, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), brightening homes, businesses, cities, and the screens of literally billions of electronic devices – 3.8 billion smartphones to be exact - is turning us into sleep-deprived zombies. And, like an apocalypse, the impact on human health could prove universally disastrous."

The Best Solution To Poor Sleep

(Hint: It's not camping)

At this point you're probably wondering: Do I have to move to the woods and live without electricity to sleep better and avoid all this doom and gloom?? What's the easy fix?

The answer: Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Blue light blocking glasses are exploding in popularity, and for good reason. Remember Jane? She tried blue light blocking glasses after her doctor recommended them as an easy fix to her sleep troubles. What happened the next week completely blew her away:

"I was speechless. I couldn't imagine that something so simple could have had such an impact my sleep, but I've been sleeping better than I have in months since I started wearing these when I'm on my phone, especially at night. I got a pair of blue light clip-ons for myself since I wear glasses, and a pair of non-prescription blue light glasses for my husband who doesn't wear glasses. We're both feeling 10 years younger. Anyone that's going through sleep troubles, I highly recommend trying blue blocking."

Blue light blocking glasses are flooding the market to meet the huge demand, both from big retailers and small companies alike. A family-owned and operated company called CoolBlue Optics offers some of the most advanced and affordable Blue-Blocking technology in both clip-on lenses (for glasses wearers) and non-prescription glasses (for those who don't wear glasses).

With only one low-cost purchase, CoolBlue Optics instantly block 99% of harmful blue light. This keeps it from entering your eye, stops it from disrupting your circadian rhythm, stops eye strain, and prevents Computer Vision Syndrome. Rather than fight against the inevitable changes in our modern society, they empower people to adapt in a simple, cost-effective, and fun way.

What are Blue Light Blocking Lenses?

CoolBlue Optics offers both CoolBlue Clip-Ons (for glasses wearers) and CoolBlue Adults (non-prescriptions for those who don't already wear glasses).

They are made from special lenses with a UV 400 coating that blocks 99% of the harmful blue light that disrupts Circadian rhythm, and lets other non-harmful wavelengths pass through the lenses. This allows you to still have a natural viewing experience through virtually clear lenses. 

Here's a blue light blocking test showing the lenses in action:

What makes CoolBlue Optics Special?

Weighing in at only 11 grams, CoolBlue Clip-Ons are engineered to provide the perfect balance of comfort and durability. They are the lightest clip-ons on the market that utilize shatter-resistant UV 400 lens technology.

Easy To Use- Clips on to your glasses in seconds with only a light squeeze of the clip.

Works With Any Glasses - They can easily clip on to any glasses you own (readers or prescriptions).

Made To Last - Lenses are made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate

Portable - Each pair comes with a protective pouch so you can take them anywhere with you.

UV 400 Lens Tech - Blocks 99% of harmful blue light while preserving a natural viewing experience with virtually clear lenses.

Common Questions From Our Readers

Q: How do I know if they will work for me?

We were skeptical at first, but the proof is in the pudding. CoolBlue Optics encourages people to hear what their real customers are saying after using their products. Find reviews further down this page.

Q: Will The Clip-Ons Work With My Glasses?

Yes! Their Clip-Ons are designed to easily clip onto any pair of prescription or reader glasses in just a few seconds.

Q: What if I don't wear glasses?

They make non-prescription blue light blocking glasses specifically for those who do not already wear glasses. Find those here.

Q: What if I want to return them?

CoolBlue gives you a full month to try the products out and get your money back in full if you're in any way dissatisfied with their products. How cool is that?

Q: What if I break them or lose them?

They put their money where their mouth is. Each pair of clip-ons comes with a warranty for LIFE that covers broken AND lost pairs.

Q: Where do they ship from, and how long does it take to arrive?

All their orders ship from the CoolBlue warehouse in Phoenix, AZ. They ship orders out next business day after the order is placed. Average shipping times range from 3-5 days for the US and 10-14 days for Australia, Canada, and the UK.

How much do they cost?

If you've ever shopped around for premium blue light blocking glasses, you have probably found many are charging well over $100. The CoolBlue Optics company understands the need for their eyewear products to be as affordable as possible so everyone can benefit.

You can get a pair of CoolBlue Clip-Ons or CoolBlue Adults for well under $50 USD. Right now they're also running a New Years 50% Off Sale (that's ending soon), so can bundle and get 50+% OFF! Just make sure you choose a bundle before you start checking out, it's that easy!

How Can they Be So Affordable?

CoolBlue Optics is a family-owned, direct-to-consumer brand, and they don't have to charge the high price markups that a bigger retailer does. They cut out the middleman and keep their prices low, so they can provide amazing value to their customers. 

Big box retailers charge crazy prices to cover high advertising costs and make profit, while CoolBlue relies almost completely on word of mouth from happy customers.

Low cost does not mean low quality though. CoolBlue Optics are premium eyewear products, and they take pride in creating the best lenses for the best value.

OUR VERDICT: Are They Worth It?

Our Answer: Yes. 

We'll take a wild guess that you're probably like 99% of the people in the world, and you spend 2, probably more, hours in front of screens every single day. That's a whole lotta blue light! That makes you a great candidate for blue light glasses. You brush your teeth everyday to preserve your dental health. Why would would you not give the same care and attention to ensure a good night's sleep and eliminate eye strain? You could experience the same same relief from poor sleep and headaches as CoolBlue's happy customers if you decide to invest in a pair.

Don't Take Our Word For It.

Here's What Their Customers Are Saying:

Where can you buy CoolBlue Optics?

It couldn't be easier! The only place you can currently get them is directly from their website by clicking here. They've got hundreds of rave reviews from people across the world.

IMPORTANT UPDATE January 31st, 2022

CoolBlue Optics is offering a huge discount for US, Canada, Australia, and UK residents. Right now you can buy three pairs of CoolBlue Optics for 50% off or six pairs for 60% off for their Holiday Bundle Sale. We're taking advantage of this right now and you should too. Due to extreme demand, they say they're often out of stock, so hurry if you'd like to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime discount!

Step 1: Order CoolBlue Clip-Ons from the official site.

Step 2: Choose your bundle and checkout.

Step 3: Instantly enjoy better sleep, no more eye strain, headaches, migraines, and other effects of digital blue light!


Birdie L.

I found these to be a must have after considering what blue light could be doing to my eyes. I love the glasses and have found they have eliminated my dry eyes when reading emails.  A+

Krista M.

I bought these to use when I'm reading on my tablet and I love them! Cute styles and easy to clean!

Tyron W.

Important read

Zachary M.

 I love mine. Has made a big difference.

Jen H.

We love coolblue optics! I bought these for my husband adn I once he started getting headaches recently and I was wondering if it was related to screen time. I noticed he was rubbing her eyes after being on the iPad. After 2 weeks with the glasses there have been no headaches and I could not be happier. will definitely be telling my friends about these.

Leeann L.

This is good learning.

Gene M.

These are amazing

Jacob C.

My dad has not been rubbing his eyes at all now that he has been wearing these glasses while watching tv, so they must be doing something. would recommend

August Q.

I've been using blue light glasses on the computer for a year and it helps a lot. My eyes used to get really dry and tired what I was on the computer.

Emily H.

I have been sleeping better since i’ve gotten these no question. Thanks CB

Beatrix K.


Verity J.

Need check on these for me and great grand kids

Sohan I.

These glasses are a hit with my wife she won’t even take them off! She started working from home and right away getting headaches frequently after spending hours in front of a screen. There have not been any headaches since she has started wearing them!

Elva J.

Everyone who is on the computer all day should read this article 

Tullio L.

wow who knew

Kerrie N.

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These glasses from coolblue optics have greatly helped my headaches and sleep. I was getting headaches too often and was having trouble sleeping and its like night and day now with these. thank you

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I've been using blue light glasses when I'm on my phone or computer for a year or so and it really does help. My eyes used to water and and sting and just get really tired what I was on the computer.

Ellis W.

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Got a pair for me and my daughter and they have really helped us sleep better!

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Love mine, no more tired blurry eyes.  on the phone or iPad.

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Sounds like an idea we should look into!

Sleep Better Than Ever After Wearing These

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